Cups Paper Hot

Description Units sku
no image
World Centric 10-20 oz Hot Cup Lid Ingeo Lined 1000 209115
no image
16oz IP paper food container (soup) DFS-16 500 217343
no image
32oz IP paper food container (soup) DFR-32 500 217345
Solo 8 oz Bistro Hot cup 378SI 1000 218563
Solo 8 oz Mystique Hot cup 378MS 1000 218564
Solo 10oz. Squat Hot Cup 410W 1000 218567
Solo 8 oz White Hot Cup 378W 1000 218578
Solo 12 oz White Hot cup 412W 1000 218580
Karat 8 oz White Hot Cup K508W 1000 218600
Karat 12 oz White Hot Cup K512W 1000 218601
Karat 16 oz White Hot Cup K516W 1000 218602
Karat 20 oz White Hot Cup K520W Case 218603
Karat 10 oz White Hot Cup K510W 1000 218604
Karat 24 oz White Hot Cup K524W 500 218605
no image
Hot Cup 12 oz HC-12 Compostable 1000 219065
no image
Compostable Hot Cup Lids CHCL-1020 1000 219068
no image
Coda Cup 10-20 oz Black Lid 1000 219250
IP LHRDP08 8 oz Poly Pro Hot Cup Lids 780 219266
IP LHRDP16 16 oz Poly Pro Hot Cup Lids 1020 219267
Fry Cup 16 oz 1000 240179
no image
The Bay Club 12oz DOODLE printed hot cup 1M 705673
no image
The Bay Club 12oz SCRIPT Printed Hot Cup 1M 705674
no image
Hotcup - HC-8 Primelink 1000 800350
no image
Hotcup - HC-16 Primelink 1000 800353
no image
Hotcup Lid - CHCL-8 Primelink 1000 800355
8 oz Compostable Coffee Cup SMRE-8 1000 801051
12 oz Compostable Coffee Cup SMRE-12 1000 801052
16 oz Compostable Coffee Cup SMRE-16 1000 801053
Compostable Coffee Cup Lid PLA LHRDE-16 1200 801055
no image
World Centric 8 oz White Hot. Cup Ingeo Lined 1000 801070
no image
World Centric 12 oz White Hot. Cup Ingeo Lined 1000 801071
no image
World Centric 16 oz White Hot. Cup Ingeo Lined 1000 801072
no image
World Centric 20 oz White Hot. Cup Ingeo Lined 1000 801073
no image
World Centric 8 oz Hot Cup Lid Ingeo Lined 1000 801074

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